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1 day ago

If you're back to work today don't forget the The 20-20-20 rule - for all screen users

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4 days ago

Straight from the catwork in London last week, Gucci go in the direction of the bigger the better at fashion week #SS20

Not sure if this is a look for you? Check out Keensights range of designer ... See more

6 days ago

We love how Billie Eilish isn't afraid of a statement frame.

2 for 1 on all designers frames at Keensight, Cornealscourt!

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1 week ago

Provisional drivers making a first application must undergo an eyesight test, so if you are applying for your provisional licence or are concerned about your eyesight while driving book an ... See more

1 week ago

Dark green leafy veg are a super good way to look after your eye health.

So one more reason to drink those green juices!

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