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Contact Lens FAQs

Wearing contact lenses

This is easy to tell by looking at the edge of the lens as per How to put in a Contact lens

First slide it off-centre and allow it to slide back into place. If it is still uncomfortable, remove the lens and rinse it thoroughly with saline or a solution recommended by your optician. If you insert a lens that is inside out it may feel uncomfortable. Remove it turn it around and put it back in.
If you can’t see clearly, the lens may have fallen out when you blinked if it wasn’t properly in place. To find the lens, look first on your eyelashes or cheek, or on the cloth in front of you. Rinse the lens thoroughly with saline or a solution recommended by your optician. Always carry your lens case filled with fresh soaking solution or saline unless you wear daily disposable lenses. Keep your spectacles with you at all times.

Please go how to remove a contact lens, or talk to a family member who is a contact lens wearer or call to us at Keensight.

Our trained staff will teach you and once you are used to wearing lenses, it becomes second nature

Yes. But put in your lenses before applying eye make-up.

Ask your eye care professional for advice about swimming and showering in contact lenses.

Do not sleep in your lenses – unless your eye care professional has advised that your eyes and lens type are suitable.

Daily lenses are worn once and then discarded at the end of each wearing period. For monthly lenses, follow the advice of your eye care professional in regards to the replacement period. You need to replace your lenses regularly to maintain hygiene, so throw away your lenses after the recommended period. It is important to not wear your lenses longer than advised.

In the past some customers may have found it difficult to wear contact lenses because of their prescription. However, contact lens technology continues to move forward and our wide range of lenses means we can now correct most prescriptions, even for customers who have an astigmatism or need varifocals.

Keeping contact lenses cleaN

It is extremely important to maintain high level of contact lens hygiene and that you follow all the cleaning procedures outlined in this section. Following these steps will reduce the risk of infection:

  • Always wash and thoroughly dry your hands before handling your lenses or touching your eye.
  • Do not get water in contact with your lenses or case.
  • Keep your case clean. Clean and rinse your case each week with your contact lens disinfecting solution. Never use tap water.
  • Replace your lens case at the regular intervals advised by your optician or as specified in your solution instruction leaflet.
  • Always keep caps on solution bottles.
  • Always store your lenses in fresh solution.
  • Dispose of your solution bottles as advised in the instructions for use.


  • Do not lick your lenses.
  • Do not reuse the solution or saline in your case follow advice given to you in store about how to use the solution recommended to you. You can refer to the leaflet inside the solution box.
  • Do replace the tops of solution bottles after use.
  • Do dispose of solution bottles at the recommended period.
  • Do use fresh solution to store your lenses.
  • Do not change your cleaning regime without contacting us for professional advice.
  • Do replace your lens case regularly following the advice you were given in store. If you are using easyvision one-step + (peroxide) solution you must replace you case monthly.
  • Do clean your lens case regularly as advised in store and allow it to air dry.
  • Do not clean your lens case with water.
  • Contact Keensight with any little queries you may have.

Eye health and Vision

It is very rare for a contact lens to split during wear. But if it does, please come into us and we l will be able to help. If it is outside normal business hours, seek medical advice. Contact lenses can split occasionally during handling so it is important to check the lens carefully.

Place take the following steps:

  • Remove the lenses.
  • Check your vision in the affected eye with your up-to-date glasses prescription.
  • If your vision is normal with your up-to-date glasses book an aftercare appointment.

If you are not able to see clearly with up-to-date glasses prescription and the vision loss is sudden please speak to professional member of staff immediately for advice. If it is outside normal business hours, seek medical advice.


Contact lenses have never been more comfortable or easier to adapt to than they are now, so why not try them? We’re sure you will be surprised by how comfortable they are.

Problems caused by contact lenses are very rare, especially if all the guidelines are followed. If this is a concern, daily lenses may be a good option as you use a new pair every day.

Never ignore problems or discomfort with your lenses. If it’s mild discomfort or dryness use comfort drops. If the discomfort persists then remove the lenses. If you are experiencing severe discomfort remove lenses immediately and if discomfort doesn’t improve speak to an eye care professional in store for advice, if it is outside normal business hours, seek medical advice.

As a new wearer it is very important to have regular aftercare checks as recommended by your optician. Our professional contact lens consultant will examine the health of your eyes and check that you are not having any problems with the lenses or solutions prescribed (if appropriate).